October New Volume Bonus Announced! 
Turn Up the Volume! The Top 3 Qualified Master Affiliates who build like never before in the month of October can earn these incredible CASH BONUSES!
1st Distributorship = $3,000  
2nd Distributorship = $2,000 
3rd Distributorship = $1,000      

BONUS BOOST: As announced in Orlando, each Top 3 cash bonus will double at or above 15,000 “New Volume”:

1st Place = $6,000
2nd Place = $4,000
3rd Place = $2,000
To be eligible, new volume is defined as —

· PGPV in a calendar month for any Distributor or customer registered 10/1/18 or after.
· Personal Volume (PV) not counting any Kalogris donations.
· All PGPV from qualifying MA volume regardless of when the Distributor registered.

*Volume must be purchased from Reliv and must be in the new person’s account. 

October Promo 1*2*3

Power up with Promo 1!
Sign up three new people at the Quick Start level and earn a $250 bonus. You can earn this bonus more than once!

*Volume must be purchased from Reliv and must be in the new person’s account. 

Move ahead with Promo 2!
Help one of your new Quick Starts get up to Master Affiliate, which earns you another $250 bonus!

*5,000 PV must be purchased from Reliv and must be in the new person’s account.

Take it to the top with Promo 3!
Preferred Customers who sign up for autoship (either monthly or quarterly) will receive a 20% discount on their product purchases! Be sure to share this good news with your prospects today!

Plus! When you sign up three Preferred Customers on autoship in a single month and they each place a product order of 99 PV more, you will receive a $100 Reliv® product credit! Get three Preferred Customers placing autoship orders in a single month valued at 200 PV or more and receive a $200 Reliv product credit! Plus, all Preferred Customer autoship orders of 99 PV or more receive FREE SHIPPING! 

App or Bundle? You have two great options, and we've made it easy to choose!

Reliv Mobile App 

Free for the first 30 days for new Distributors! Only $5/month after that! (Credit card will be automatically billed and you can cancel anytime.)

Best for: 
New Distributors looking for an easy and affordable solution to track and grow their business.

  • Get instant notifications when you have new activity (new order, new customer, new Distributor and more) 
  • Easily share videos & websites with recruits – we'll notify you as soon as someone has viewed so you can instantly follow up 
  • Track recruit's activities and follow up by email, text or phone 
  • Access latest training, tools, videos & podcasts

Reliv Web Bundle – Most Popular!

$19/per month Free for the first 3 months for Master Affiliates!

Best for: Distributors who want more information on all business activity, their own personal website and the mobile app all for one low price.

Distributor Dashboard: 24/7 access to information on all activity in your organization and online tools to track, manage and grow your business.

Personal Website:

Customizable Content

The Reliv Story 

Professional Videos 

Your Own Shopping Cart 

Seamless Online Sponsoring 

International Versions

Plus all the features and benefits of the Mobile App!

The Blog is Your Friend!

Keep up with the latest trends and perspectives in nutrition and business with the Reliv Blog. Read up on business-building and health-fulfilling topics from special guest contributors and our favorite blogger — Social Media Coordinator Michaela Mitchell. Plus, get great advice with our new business blog posts from CEO Ryan Montgomery on how engagement will help you succeed in your Reliv enterprise and President of Sales and Marketing Tom Pinnock on the importance of mentorship. Check it out now!