Reliv Product Review


Rosemary Biehn, of Burlington, Ontario, Canada, knew her body was not functioning the way it should. “I had chronic problems with my digestive system — everything I ate went right through me,” Rosemary explains.

While Rosemary learned to live with her digestive problems, the migraine headaches that would strike every month left her completely unable to function. “The pain, nausea, and diarrhea were so severe that all I could do for an entire day was lie in a dark room,” she recalls.

“I tried all kinds of nutritional supplements but couldn't find the right balance,” Rosemary continues. “So, when I found out about Reliv — and I saw that I could get everything I need by simply taking two shakes a day — I decided to give the products a try.


“Within three days of starting on Reliv, I felt much better,” she says.


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