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Reliv's New Opportunity Presentation Suite Is Here! 

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Reliv has a compelling story to tell, cutting-edge products to share and a remarkable opportunity to offer. Our Opportunity Presentation Suite gets right to the heart of it all. Working with top Distributors we have designed these tools to produce one common response from everyone who sees them: "Tell me more!”

Slides - The videos in the Powerpoint presentation will play the best if your version of Powerpoint is more recent than 2010. The latest version is optimal. The file size is very large for both versions of the presentation. Please allow several minutes or more (depending on the speed of your WiFi connection) to complete the download after clicking.

Once you have downloaded, please open and run the presentation in “slideshow” mode as you would any other Reliv presentation. For the version with videos, the five videos within the presentation should play automatically as you click on each slide with your mouse.  If for some reason you are not getting the videos to automatically play, you can use your mouse to click the Play arrow that will appear when you move your mouse to the bottom of the video slide. Use the online viewer below and download your copy here:

Ready to start presenting? Use the online viewer below and download your copy now:

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