Congratulations to our Distributors who rocked the month of January! 

Master Director:

Nelson Reist

Presidential Director:

Florence & Elo Sauder 

Sandy Award Winner:

Nelson Reist

Dr. Ted Plaque Winners:

Julie Moeller

Eileen & James Tesch

Noah & Sadie Yoder

John & Nathalie Curtain 

For every Dr. Theodore Kalogris Plaque earned, Reliv will make a donation to the Reliv Kalogris Foundation in honor of the Distributor recipient. The donation* will provide nutrition to 16 kids for one month. *All donations made “in honor” of a Distributor are acknowledged alongside our top donors at Reliv Headquarters.

Our February Advancements are already rolling in! Great job everyone! 

Quick Start Bonus 

Lupe Finch 
Richard Clark 

Those receiving a Quick Start Bonus personally sponsored 3 new Distributors who reached QS or above. 

Master Affiliate Bonus
Miroslawa Grajdek
Susan & Gerard Raymond
Laurie & Richard Epps 
Betty & David Blazic 
Donna Gray & Janet Woster 
Christina Toscano & Faviola Perez Gonzalez 
Leona & Lyle Irvin 
Shermin Helal 

Those receiving a Master Affiliate Bonus promoted a personally sponsored Distributor to MAF. 




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