Congratulations to the Distributors who rocked the month of July and August!

3 & Free Product Credit Winners

Diane & Kevin Helmold
Cheri Otzenberger

Lupe Finch
Kelley Lee
Cindy Lilly

Adilberta Ramirez

Those receiving the Preferred Customer Product Credit signed up three Preferred Customers on autoship in a single month with product orders of $99 or more.

Master Affiliate Bonus

Karina Chemali (Twice!)

Mary Jacobsen

Duane & Shirley Hanson

Theresa Romo
Linda & James Carter
Ilene & Myron Bontrager
Karen Ilmberger
Amy Hemingway
Betsy Ross
Jane & Jim Hallford
Margie Tippetts
Sandra & Alex Sopko
Enedina Marques
Vianey Pineda
Marscia & Jeff Fleagle
Miguel & Dorothy Villamar

Those receiving a Master Affiliate Bonus promoted a personally sponsored Distributor to MAF. 

Quick Start Bonus

Lupe Finch

Feliciano Mendoza
Julie Moeller
Karen Ilmberger
Kimberly & Ritchie Burns

Those receiving a Quick Start Bonus personally sponsored 3 new Distributors who reached QS or above. 

Congratulations to the Distributors who advanced in June! 

Nancy Sommers
Chandler Nesbit
Martha Robledo Cardenas

Key Director 
Wendy & Edward Juergens
Linda & Clifford Kirkwood
Amie Lawrence

Dr. Ted Plaque Winners
Kimberly & Ritchie Burns
Diane & Kevin Helmold

For every Dr. Theodore Kalogris Plaque earned, Reliv will make a donation to the Reliv Kalogris Foundation in honor of the Distributor recipient. The donation will provide nutrition to 16 kids for one month. For every Sandy Award winner, Reliv will make a donation to the RKF in honor of the Distributor providing nutrition to 30 kids for one month.  All donations made “in honor” of a Distributor are acknowledged alongside our top donors at Reliv Headquarters.