Congratulations to the Distributors who rocked the month of March! 

Dr. Ted Plaque Winners:

Julie Moeller 

Stephanie & Paul Collins
Dave & Betty Blazic

For every Dr. Theodore Kalogris Plaque earned, Reliv will make a donation to the Reliv Kalogris Foundation in honor of the Distributor recipient. The donation will provide nutrition to 16 kids for one month. For every Sandy Award winner, Reliv will make a donation to the RKF in honor of the Distributor providing nutrition to 30 kids for one month.  All donations made “in honor” of a Distributor are acknowledged alongside our top donors at Reliv Headquarters.

Top 3 New Volume Bonus Winners

Feliciano Torres 
Laurie & Richard Epps 
Eileen & James Tesch

Preferred Customer Product Credit

Dawn Tucci

Those receiving the Preferred Customer Product Credit signed up three Preferred Customers on autoship in a single month with product orders of $99 or more.

Quick Start Bonus 

Stacey Herman

David & Debbi Murphey 
Milian Correa 
Marcia Anguiano & Ramon Lopez 
Charles & Janet Powell 
Hollan & Daniel Murphey 
Rosemary Bell 
Heidi Krahn 
Julie Moeller 

Cynthia Lunz

Those receiving a Quick Start Bonus personally sponsored 3 new Distributors who reached QS or above. 

Master Affiliate Bonus

Juan Carlos & Angela Castaneda 
Tamra & Vohn Martineau
Annette & David Wells 
David & Jennifer Eaves 
Doris Smith Leissing 
Amy & Mark Thomas
Lupe Finch 
Gayle Gellis
Melinda Meyer 
Ryan & Gaylynn Mauss 
Ishmar Umanos 
Valerie Shepard 
Charles Le Fever 
Laurie & Scott Prindle 
Trish Fischer 
Mervyn Vidad

Rosemary Bell 
Ilene & Myron Bontrager 
Gay & Kenneth Lange 
Donna Zroka 

Those receiving a Master Affiliate Bonus promoted a personally sponsored Distributor to MAF.