Reliv Success Stories

Health and Buisness  

Name: Lana Lempert
Home: Cypress, CA
Gigs: Former clothing merchandiser, Reliv
Reliv Regimen: Reliv Classic®, Reliv Now®, FibRestore®, Arthaffect®, Innergize!®, ReversAge®, LunaRich X™
Hard Work: I had a successful career working for Nordstrom, but a bulging slipped disc forced me to leave. I then opened an upscale resale shop, but was in a lot of pain and working 80 hours per week.
Finding Opportunity: I had tried many supplements and was skeptical, but decided to attend a Reliv presentation anyway. The money-back guarantee made me feel safe enough to give it a try. I was desperate to control my own schedule and finances.
Just What I Needed: I had a six-figure income, but had no life. I decided to dedicate 10 hours each week to Reliv, and after three years made it to Senior Director! Now I live the life I want. My business reaches into nine countries and I can pass it down to my son and grandchildren. It even afforded me to go home to see my family in the Ukraine — the trip of a lifetime.


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