Reliv Success Story

Finding an Escape

Name: Eileen Tesch
Hometown: Algonac, MI
Former Gig: attorney
Reliv Regimen: LunaRich X™, Reliv Now®, Arthaffect®, FibRestore®
Burned Out: When I first found Reliv seven years ago, I was a burned-out attorney at a law firm. I thought the three food groups were caffeine, nicotine and happy hour. I was on my way to crash and burn.
Seeing a Change: I started the products, began losing weight and improved my outlook. Clients could even see the change in me! I wasn’t sure about the business, but I loved the idea of helping people. Thankfully I did start a Reliv business and eventually resigned from the law firm.
Priceless: We work with people in Reliv instead of competing against them. We all want to change the world. A customer once told me, “You are the answer to my prayers.” How can you put a price on that?


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Eileen Tesch Reliv Success Story