Reliv Product Reviews

Motivated to Move 

Name: Claudia Grubbs
Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
Gigs: US/Hispanic Coordinator at Reliv
Reliv Regimen: Arthaffect®, Innergize!®, ReversAge®, Slimplicity®, ProVantage®, Reliv 24K®, LunaRich X™
On the Run: Running has always been part of my life. When I came to Relivseven years ago, I started on the products and saw performance results right away. Reliv fueled my first marathon and inspired me to add yoga to my regimen.
A Stumble, Not a Fall: Going to yoga class last winter, I slipped on ice and broke my sacrum. The only way to heal was rest. For eight weeks I couldn’t run. Dr. Carl Hastings advised me to take more LunaRich X. A few weeks later my doctor was amazed at how quickly I bounced back.
I am Reliv: I am happy Reliv is in my life. I love helping our Distributors grow their businesses and I love the corporate team I get to work with every day. Reliv nutrition helps me stay healthy, motivated and full of positive energy — that’s priceless!


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