Business Tools

Success requires the right tools for the job. Reliv has developed a range of professional business tools designed to help you introduce Reliv to new people and effectively run your business.

Web Bundle
Get access to a Personal Website, the Distributor Dashboard and the Mobile App. Learn more.
Retail: $15.00
Reliv Mobile App

Take your Reliv business to the next level and on-the-go with the Reliv Mobile App. Learn more.

Retail: $4.00
Product Catalog

Reliv's 20-page product catalog makes the science behind Reliv nutrition easy to understand. Learn more

Retail: $10.00

Kick back and relax with your favorite Reliv shake as you read about the latest Reliv news. Learn more. 

Retail: $10.00
Product Information Brochure

Give your prospects an overview of the Reliv nutritional product line with this full-color bi-fold brochure.
Learn more. 

Retail: $4.00
ICSAR Getting Started Guide

Use our simple five-step plan to learn how to build your business from the very beginning.
Learn more. 

Retail: $10.00
Fit3 Brochure

Inside this beautiful brochure, you will find everything you need to know about the Fit3 program, from the products to nutrition and exercise. 
Learn more.

Retail: $4.00
Decision Tool

The “Decision Tool” makes it easy for you to walk someone through the different avenues of income after you’ve presented the Reliv story.
Learn more.

Retail: $4.00
Opportunity Presentation Book

This 16-page book outlines the need for Reliv today, the Reliv vision and the amazing products. Learn more. 

Retail: $10.00
Distributor Annual Renewal Fee

Your renewal fee of just $40 keeps your Distributorship current for another 12 months. Learn more. 

Retail: $40.00
Kalogris Donation

It's easier than ever to give back and help provide nutrition to malnourished children all over the world through the Reliv Kalogris Foundation! Learn more. 

Retail: $1.00
Epigenetics and Reliv Brochure

This brochure guides new people through epigenetics and how to get started on a LunaRich® health program. Learn more. 

Retail: $2.50
LunaRich Opportunity Brochure

This four-page brochure outlines the epigenetic science of LunaRich and how it represents a growing business opportunity. Learn more.

Retail: $3.00
Fit3 Shaker Cup

An essential business tool and a great way to enjoy your shake after a workout! Scoop in your Reliv products, the liquid of your choice and shake it up! Learn more.

Retail: $5.00
Merchandise Bag

Deliver your product orders like a pro. Reliv-branded bags help your business look like a business. Learn more.

Retail: $15.00
Retail Customer Receipt

Your go-to retail receipt for use with customer sales. Learn more. 

Retail: $5.00