Reliv Success Story

Time for My Children

Name: Becky Hanson
Hometown: Veneta, OR
Gigs:  Reliv, stay-at-home mom
Reliv Regimen: Reliv Now®, Innergize!®, LunaRich X™
Providing for the Family: I worked as a credit/collections manager for almost 20 years. My husband and I worked four 10-hour days, opposite days of the week. After five years of doing that, we decided that was no way to raise a family. I quit, and then learned very quickly with four kids we needed that second income.
Simple and Sweet: This business is so simple. My kids have shared Reliv in their daily activities and gotten new people started on the products.
Sharing Hope: In March we earned almost $8,300, which I didn’t think would be possible for a mom in a small town. I don’t feel like I sell products; I share hope with people who have lost all hope.


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Becky Hanson Reliv Success Story