Reliv Product Reviews

Becky Bauman, of Drayton, Ontario, is a great believer in prevention and the value of Reliv’s nutritional products — especially GlucAffect® — in helping healthy people stay healthy.

“My family has a history of diabetes,” Becky says. “I found myself gaining weight, I was always thirsty and my feet often had a tingling sensation — all signals of a potential problem with diabetes. When GlucAffect came out, I brought two cans home from conference to give it a try.”

“I really lost my cravings for sugar and junk food,” Becky says. “To me, prevention is so important. Maintain your health, rather than wait for something to go wrong and then try and treat it.”

“I have complete confidence in Reliv’s nutritional products,” she continues. “I know they work!"


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